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About Me

Hi Im Haileigh a 12 yr old fashionista trying to take over the world. Using the money from this sales to fund some upcoming ventures I've always wanted to navigate.
Hi, im Haileigh a 12 year old fashion enthusiast who happens to be hoarding on to my favorite articles of clothing hoping I would one day get a sister to play dress up with. That day didn't come because I got a brother instead so, I figured is time to let go! My clothes are like new, some are new & I've completely outgrown them with so many gifts and so much shopping I've lost track of what fits and what doesn't... I guess growing up can do that to you. Now is time to part ways with my favorite pieces so when you shop my kloset I can guarantee you full disclosure and you never have to worry about excessive wear, rips stains or worst RAGS! because not only have some these pieces been worn once but I also know how to discard. I Love to shop so your purchase will help me donate to my favorite charities, help fund my new ideas & most importantly make some room for some new looks you'll love to shop later. I hope my pre loved recycled pieces will help your fashion kids feel and look amazing. ❤️Thank you for your continued support I appreciate you embarking on my endless journey.

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A Note From Me:

A Note From Me:

Some Small Details
I want to thank you once again for stopping by and checking out my store. Because this is my personal project to fund my future ventures I cant upload more than 10 items at once. I have a lot of pieces upcoming from size 4 to size 14 & Matching footwear & accessories as well. After the first 10 sell i'll upload 10 more ranging in size and style. keep checking so you don't miss anything. Please understand I cant accept returns, If there's anything I over looked because im human and also 12yrs old I will gladly refund you and accept your return. The point of opening my thrift store is me trying to fund my plan to take over the world & along the way finance my passions projects but to fund them you need capital, so this is my way to share with you my love of clothes at a fraction of the price I would never sell you trash because I'm very picky I will only sell you the best and openly share any flaws if any. These pieces have been worn to either events, auditions or for photoshoots they have no wear in them perfect for your fashionista to love. I have a massive closet so there's something for everyone Again thank you for your understanding & support. xo Hails

Delivery & Returns

I will ship your orders with either UPS or USPS will be processed automatically I will provide tracking number and sign on delivery at no additional cost to you. At this time all sales are final no returns will be accepted unless there's a mistake made on my behalf please email me.

Payment Info

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal for your convenience. Completely safe and secure, I don't store your personal info.
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